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The Rosary is our most powerful weapon for bringing life, healing, and peace. Join other faithful Catholic families in praying the Rosary with your family once a week.

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51 families
have pledged to pray the Rosary each week!

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  • McKeogh Family

  • Duquette

  • Baker

  • Douglas A. Lovell

  • Salvatore Bica Family

  • Robinson

  • John and Deirdre Folley

  • larry and claudette bitler

  • The Bica Family

  • Tremblay

  • Rico and Erin McCahon

  • Krygowski

  • The Fales Family

  • Neville

  • Rahilly

  • Templeton

  • Kennedy

  • perreault

  • O’Mahony

  • Methot

    We are doing this in my parish, Ste. Marie’s in Manchester, NH. I pray the Rosary everyday.

  • Keith and Julie Mannella

  • Joe and Tish Silveira

  • Heise

  • Andrews

  • Lynagh

  • O’Hagan Family

  • Federoff

    We gather to pray a decade every night, and 5 decades on Sunday! Imagine if every Catholic family did this!

  • Hieronymus

  • McClelland

  • Billecke

  • McCormick

  • Donnelly Family

  • The Henneman’s

  • McAvoy

  • Meghan Roelant

  • Wyss

  • Leinen

  • The LaRue Zoo

  • Bombak

  • Sauerborn

    We’re joining forces with our American friends from Ireland!

  • The Kellys

  • McMeans

  • Paris

  • klaczak

  • Carino

    I have been praying the rosary daily for many years now and with my husband, occasionally. I pledge that at least we will pray together weekly. I will also encourage my son and daughter to pray the rosary as family at least weekly. I believe in its power to unite families with peace, love, and more blessings, if only many would pray it.
    Love with JMJ,

  • Hettrick

    “If there were one million families praying the Rosary every day, the entire world would be saved.” Pope St. Pius X


  • The Ross’

  • The Schwerdts

    We’re in!!

  • The McKinneys

    Can’t wait to see the prayers answered when so many families begin praying together!